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Simone Cordeiro

Simone is a true representation of the cultivation and growth 1100 Group provides. She has been with our restaurants since 2015 and got her start working every front-of-house position while in college. She accepted an offer into management and then developed the company’s catering program. 

She was raised in Irvine, CA, and moved north to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University in 2011. The first restaurant she went to after her move, was an intimate restaurant in the Mission, with lively energy, a loud jukebox, and incredible food – Little Star Valencia. 

Her degree in psychology helps her understand both guests and employees and their motivations. She believes in a people-driven restaurant and cultivating every employee to be a representation of the company. She is an analytical thinker and loves to optimize the systems in our restaurants to be both efficient and user-friendly.

Favorite Restaurant: Comal, Berkley, CA
Favorite Cocktail: CBD’s Spicy Mango Margarita
What You Like to Cook: Picadillo

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Jon Guhl


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Shannon Orr

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