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Shannon Orr | Chief Operations Officer | 1100 Group

Shannon Orr

As Chief Operations Officer, Shannon Orr oversees all aspects of the 1100 Group’s operations. With more than 20 years of experience working with several successful food and beverage companies, she has built a career in hospitality that has evolved out of a passion for service, quality, customer experience, and leadership.

Shannon is from LA, where she got her first restaurant job as a hostess and has been tenaciously broadening her experience in the industry ever since. She has lived in many states and has held many food and beverage management positions. Highlights include overseeing the food and beverage operation of the Houston rodeo, receiving sommelier training in Telluride, CO, and opening a Hilton Curio hotel in Portland, OR. Shannon has always focused on delivering genuine heartfelt hospitality. Above all, she loves being a part of a strong team with the same goal in mind.

Shannon is a dedicated stepmother and loves to laugh with her partner. Yuzu, her cat, can usually be found cuddling on her lap. She lives in Lake Oswego, OR, and enjoys yoga, film, traveling, outdoor recreation, and dining out.

Best Service: Alpino Vino, Telluride, CO
Last Meal: A cheese plate, with salty marcona almonds, quince, and fresh French bread
Favorite Restaurant : Barley Swine, Austin, TX

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