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Melody Garcia

Originally from Los Angeles, CA and am now residing in the Central Valley.  Melody has over ten years of experience working as Director of Human Resources and Payroll cross training in accounting working closely with the controller in various industries to include, casino and hospitality, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. Melody is most excited to join such a fast-growing company that supports the restaurant industry! She absolutely loves helping the team members find their purpose because everyone has an equally important role. She believes we must all be aligned on our visions and values for the betterment of ourselves and our common goal, which is a shared vision for exceptional food and service to the people. The succession of 1100 Group and the restaurants. 1100 Group’s continued success is proof they have an incredible team!

Melody is 100% in love with her family and loves spending quality time with her husband and their two sons. They enjoy traveling, going to the beach, trying different foods, and learning new things and honestly – they can be doing anything as long as they are all together, they are happy!

Favorite Comfort Food: Spaghetti
What You Like to Cook: Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo
Favorite Cocktail: Mangonadas

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Jon Guhl | Owner | 1100 Group

Jon Guhl


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Shannon Orr | Chief Operations Officer | 1100 Group

Shannon Orr

Chief Operations Officer
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Michael Boyles

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