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Jon Guhl

Jon is a successful restaurateur and Chief Executive Officer of 1100 Group, a restaurant management and development company, and has been employed or otherwise engaged in the food service industry since 1982. During the first ten years of his career, he worked in every aspect of the restaurant business, from Taco Bell to the Four Seasons, and has been self-employed for over 27 years. He has built and operated restaurants in multiple states and currently owns 8 restaurants with 2 more in development for as well as 5 cobranded franchise units in a partnership with Focus Brands(?), all of which are operated by the 1100 Group. He is also collector of illustrative art, wine enthusiast and, along with his two sons, is an avid soccer fan.

Favorite Restaurant: St. John, London, England
Best Service: Toque, Montreal, Canada
What You Like to Cook: A big roast (lamb or beef)

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Shannon Orr

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