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Elaine Chable

Elaine Chable

Elaine was raised in Rhode Island and then moved to the Philippines where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management majoring in Tourism. Her first job was as a front desk agent in Bar Harbor, Maine followed by a serving job in Singapore prior to graduating. She loved traveling and living abroad until adulthood became real. That’s when she took her chance and moved to California in 2014, and started her career in the hospitality industry in the Bay Area.

Elaine started at Farm Burger in Berkeley & worked her way up to General Manager before they closed California operations. Her journey continued as an Assistant General Manager at 4505 Burgers & BBQ in San Francisco and then later at Little Star Solano, where she discovered the 1100 Group. She takes pride in her work and experience and strives for growth & advancement. She saw the opportunity within the 1100 Group and is interested in learning more about the other side of the business in her current administrative role.

She is ambitious for her family- her ultimate priority. She is fond of traveling, camping, and wine nights on the couch.

Favorite Comfort Food: Demon Lover, 900 Grayson
What You Like to Cook: Mexican food with handmade tortillas 
Favorite Cocktail: Self Care, Bar Camino

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