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The 1100 Group is a company that supports our restaurants in various capacities so that each shop has the freedom to grow while still being part of a prominent organization. We have a standard set of core values, a shared vision for food, service, and design, and a collective pool of knowledge and expertise.

We have a passion for creating food using the freshest ingredients. We have a passion for design that results in thoughtfully planned environments. We strive to serve each guest with an attentive and hospitable staff.

Our Story

Jon Guhl, the founder of 1100 Group, had his first taste of work in the restaurant and hospitality industry as a pizza delivery driver when he was an undergraduate at UT Austin. He found that he loved the creativity, quick pace and hospitality of restaurants, and grew in the business, opening and owning multiple pizzerias before opening the first Little Star Pizza location in 2004 in San Francisco. He and his business partner at the time had grown Little Star Pizza to three outlets by 2011 when they parted ways. Jon hired Susannah Blumenstock as his Operations Manager shortly thereafter and began to look at expanding his deep dish pizza locations as well as diversifying his restaurant operations. It was after opening a quick-service burger joint in Albany, CA that Jon met Ben Seabury. Ben is a consummate operator, and they quickly found that Ben’s abilities to efficiently elevate standards and bring projects to fruition complemented Jon’s extensive experience and vision for strategic expansion.

The 1100 Group was formed in 2016 in service of this vision, and now owns/operates 8 properties across four different brands in California and Oregon. The 1100 Group is driven by COO Shannon Orr. 1100 Group was founded on the principles of high-quality hospitality experiences, great food, satisfied employees and ethical growth. Throughout the pandemic the Group maintained healthy business operations due to nimble management and a willingness to change with the times. As operations return to “normal”, 1100 Group continues to expand into new states and new markets.